Scooby & Q -

Words cannot adequately describe the significant improvements that acupuncture has made to the lives of our dogs. Our nine year old German Shepherd, Scooby, had suffered from spine and hip-related problems all her life. At six-months of age, she had to undergo a TPO to correct the loose joint in her right hip. Several years later, she required a total hip replacement surgery on her left hip. As a result of her surgeries, she managed to lead a relatively normal life, until she began showing signs of neurological instability (e.g., loss of balance). At her neurologist's recommendation, Scooby underwent a dorsal laminectomy to decompress the pressure on her spinal cord and increase her mobility. Notwithstanding her corrective surgeries, Scooby began to suffer from severe arthritis pain which again limited her ability to walk, and had to be controlled by large doses of anti-inflammatory medication. She was also fitted with a special cart to assist in her mobility, but it was evident that her overall physical condition was beginning to decline. Our veterinarian suggested that Scooby could benefit from acupuncture therapy being offered by Dr. McCall. Although we were skeptical about the effectiveness of non-traditional treatments, we decided to take a chance and give it a try. Much to our amazement, we began noticing positive changes in Scooby after only three treatments. She appeared stronger physically, exhibited less pain symptoms, and became more energetic. After several months of regular treatments, her mobility had improved so much that she no longer needed the assistance of a cart and we were able to cut back on her pain medication. Even Scooby's neurologist, who was not aware she was being treated with acupuncture, had noticed the marked improvement in her walking ability. Before acupuncture, Scooby could not walk without assistance and as a result of her acupuncture treatments, she can now run. After witnessing the changes in Scooby, our nine year old Rottweiler "Q" also started receiving acupuncture therapy to combat his digestive problems and age-related arthritis pain. We have noticed that Q has increased pain relief after each of his treatment session, and that his gastrointestinal problems have improved significantly. Dr. McCall's knowledge of acupuncture and her skillful abilities have extended the quality of our dogs' lives tremendously. We do not hesitate to recommend the services of Dr. McCall to anyone seeking to improve the health and well-being of their animal. - Holly & Mike Stoberski

Sammy -
Dr. McCall changed Sammy's life! We want to share with all pet lovers the exciting transformation of our Wire Fox Terrier, Samantha. As a youngster Sam had her tail slammed in a door. Her tail was amputated requiring two surgeries. She was then sent to a Fox Terrier Rescue where we happily rescued her in March of 2001. Sammy was 15 months old. Samantha has a lot of resentment towards humans and has been a handful to raise. But she is a wonderful dog with so much love to give—on her terms. Soon after bringing Sam home we noticed she could not jump. Terriers are frisky jumpers, and although she tried, Sammy had no spring or power in her back legs. She also suffered from a stiff right back leg that would cramp so severely she would hold it off the floor and cry. She could not run like the other dogs at the park but instead did sprints that would leave her limping. Our veterinarian took X-rays but the hips and knee joints were normal. I phoned the rescue and was told that the Doctor who did the surgeries felt there was possible nerve damage from the accident involving the tail. We thought this would be a lifelong problem for her. On a visit for a re-check after front leg surgery we met Dr. McCall and during our conversation discovered she did acupuncture. We had great success with another pet in San Diego with acupuncture treatments and were anxious to have the treatments for Samantha. Dr. McCall began acupuncture to help the healing process after front leg surgery and in our discussion of Sam's health on the first visit I mentioned Sam's hip problem. Dr. McCall began treating the hip and right leg as well as the post-surgery sites. We saw immediate improvement and after six visits the improvements were dramatic:

1. Sam has very little stiffness in the right leg and has suffered only two cramps in the leg with the onset of cold weather
2. Sam is now racing around the yard, running faster than her companion dog--a real surprise to her since she could not sustain any running for any distance. She is now able to keep up with the other dogs at the park.
3. She stands up on her back legs and plays, even is able to walk on her rear legs!
4. The most dramatic difference—she is able to jump. She now gets a running start and jumps on furniture and onto our planter box (about 30" high).
5. When she walks we now see a flexible movement in the entire hip area. Before acupuncture the hips showed no movement and Sam had a stiff unusual gait.

Dr. McCall has given Samantha a new life. She is a young dog, four years old in November, 2003. Now she runs and plays and even jumps without painful cramps. We see the puppy in Sam that was lacking when we rescued her. She has mock battles with her companion dog, Baylee, and runs distances for the joy of running. We love Sammy so dearly and it has been a miracle to see her gain so much mobility from the treatments. We are so grateful to Dr. McCall and wish others with pets experiencing problems would explore acupuncture. The treatments are painless and hopefully, as with Samantha, the results will be immediate. In Samantha's case, a miracle did happen, Willa Cather said, "Where there is great love there are always miracles." Thank you Dr. McCall - Ruth Wickham & Henry Sandler


Diesel -
Diesel, is a big, six year old flat-coated retriever who has always been very active. Unfortunately, last summer, we discovered that he has severe arthritis in his elbow. It broke our hearts to see him limp after playing and know that it was painful for him to walk up and down the stairs. We knew it was bad when he couldn't jump up on our bed at night to sleep in his self-appointed spot, right in the middle. We wanted to avoid giving him frequent doses of medications that would possibly damage his organs, so we cut back on his activities. We hated not letting him do all of the things he loves and started looking for alternatives. Fortunately, we found out that Dr. Shawna McCall offered acupuncture and was close by. We met with her and instantly felt like we were doing the right thing. She shared a great deal of information about the process and immediately had a genuine concern for Diesel and his well-being. She inquired about other ailments he may have and includes remedies for them in her treatments. She communicates with us outside of his appointments through phone calls and notes, which we appreciate and find refreshing. The acupuncture sessions helped him right from the start . When we pick him up from appointments he seems refreshed, and sometimes is even all jumpy and excited from feeling so good. He is able to chase balls, go on long hikes and occasional runs without being sore for days afterwards. We've been able to increase the time between appointments and haven't lost results. We highly recommend Dr. McCall and acupuncture to anyone in need! - Dana and Wayne Hilterbrand

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

Pat and Shawna have had a tremendous impact on our dog Monte's recovery and quality of life. Monte ruptured a vertebral disc in his neck and lost significant use of his hind legs. Since surgery, Pat has performed physical therapy and Shawna has performed acupuncture. Monte is now walking and running and appears to be pain free. Monte responds very well to Pat's underwater treadmill treatment and to Shawna's acupuncture sessions. Just as important, Monte has bonded with both Pat and Shawna. We are convinced that Monte's continuing progress is best left in Pat's and Shawna's hands. We don't like to think what Monte's quality of life would be like without their excellent care.- Tony Magann and Jody Clark

Fibrocartilagenous Embolism (FCE)

Bruno, our 12 year old German Sheperd, suffered a FCE on November 23, 2008. Although he had managed with slow progressing Degenerative Myelopathy, this incident nearly paralyzed him. The vets could not offer much hope for a recovery, stating that there would probably be no real improvement after the first two weeks. We were fortunate to find Pat Werner with her skill, caring, and experience. After beginning a series of physical therapy sessions, including the underwater treadmill, Bruno showed marked improvement. He steadily gained strength and coordination. Pat suggested we have Shawna evaluate Bruno as a candidate for acupuncture. One of Shawna's first statements was that FCE recovery can take 4-16 weeks. Many owners just don't know to allow this much time and they mistakenly put their pets down too soon! We were so encouraged to hear this. Bruno's physical therapy and acupuncture not only restored his mobility, it made him really happy. He truly looked forward to working with Pat in the tank and then relaxing with Shawna for acupuncture. We credit and thank Pat and Shawna for the life they returned to our friend.- Susan Monahan

Degenerative Myelopathy

Pat and Shawna are two of the most compassionate and knowledgeable people we know. When our German Shepherd, Bosco, was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, a progressively debilitating disease, through physical therapy and acupuncture, we are convinced Pat and Shawna were able to slow down the progression to give Bosco more quality time to spend with his two sisters and to give him a better quality of life. Now we have our Rottweiler, Maggie, in physical therapy and acupuncture due to bone cancer which led to an amputation of her back leg. Through physical therapy and acupuncture, Maggie is learning to walk again pain free. We would recommend Utah Pet Rehab to anyone!- Mike and Lisa Schlaikjer

Nerve Root Tumor

Pat and Shawna have greatly increased out dog's quality of life. They are gentle, caring and respectful with Clio. We feel like a member of our family is helping to care for her when she gets a treatment from them. - Alice &Gary Moe  


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    Pat and Shawna have greatly increased out dog's quality of life. They are gentle, caring and respectful with Clio. We feel like a member of our family is helping to care for her when she gets a treatment from them."
    - Alice &Gary Moe