Therapeutic Exercises

Our therapeutic exercise programs (both in-house and home-based) can be considered to be one of the most important aspects of a rehabilitation plan. Each program is designed specifically for individual pets and their particular conditions. These exercises may be as simple as Passive Range of Motion (PROM) or stretching exercises which increase or maintain joint mobility and flexibility by increasing circulation to muscles and joints and increasing joint synovial fluid to provide nutrition to the cartilage within the joint. We may also prescribe proprioceptive exercises which help to improve a patient's balance. These may include weight-shifting exercises, walking on different surfaces or inclines, using balance boards or balls to provide ways for the animal to re-learn where their limbs are in space. In addition to the types of exercises above we may use other techniques and equipment to create exercises for strengthening and endurance or weight loss. Many of these exercises (PROM/stretching/massage) can also be performed in the therapeutic setting of the underwater treadmill.


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  • "Clio-
    Pat and Shawna have greatly increased out dog's quality of life. They are gentle, caring and respectful with Clio. We feel like a member of our family is helping to care for her when she gets a treatment from them."
    - Alice &Gary Moe