Underwater Treadmill

Our state-of-the-art underwater treadmill is designed to give animals an aerobic workout in a low-impact environment. Exercising in water will improve strength, endurance, range-of-motion, normalize gait mechanics, help with weight loss if necessary, and improve overall well-being for companion animals. The buoyancy the water provides helps the pet to bear less weight during exercise which reduces the load on sore muscles and joints making them more comfortable in motion. The water is kept at a warm temperature (88-93°) that is soothing to achy joints, increases blood flow to help mobility and healing, and relaxes tight muscles. The underwater treadmill workouts have the added benefit of providing water pressure to reduce swelling and edema in injured animals or those recovering from surgery. Many pets who are unable to walk or run normally (or even stand) on land can comfortably perform exercises, or learn to walk again, in the water.


Most dogs adjust very well to the water and learn to enjoy it. We begin very slowly with the pets both in speed and duration. They are fitted with life-jackets and can be encouraged with treats from the owner over the side. Our rehabilitation therapist starts in the water with all patients until the pet is comfortable and the therapist is confident of the pet's ability during the workouts. The underwater treadmill is an excellent tool for weight loss as the added resistance of the water provides for more effective exercise than walking on land. Depending on the level of the water, it is possible for a pet to bear as little as 40% of its body-weight which significantly reduces strain on the body and joints that are normally stressed by extra body weight.For athletes, working, or show dogs, the underwater treadmill can provide the perfect source for conditioning and endurance-building workouts. The water can help increase cardiopulmonary fitness and build muscle without overly straining the animals.


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  • "Clio-
    Pat and Shawna have greatly increased out dog's quality of life. They are gentle, caring and respectful with Clio. We feel like a member of our family is helping to care for her when she gets a treatment from them."
    - Alice &Gary Moe